Introducing TorchCL

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Ever wanted to built an automation tool to talk to Torch Project Management? Until today, this would require some programming. Not any more, anyone who can use a command line can use TorchCL.

With TorchCL you can do anything that can be done using the webhook, but directly from the command prompt. That means you can automate tasks, build triggers or just help you migrate some data to Torch. Got a Mac, TorchCL is the perfect companion to OS X Automator.

TorchCL runs on Windows and any *nix system that supports Python (including OS X).

Find our more about TorchCL >

Automatic Google Docs Organization (Torch Project Management)

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Torch Project Management now keeps your uploaded and created files organized in Google Docs. Docs & spreadsheets are placed in a folder named after the particular project.

But Torch will maintain whatever organization you have already. If you create a folder named "budgets" (for instance) under an existing folder, Torch won't create a new one, it will use the existing folder.

QuickViews are also kept together, and this folder is shared between Heap and Torch, so you can quickly delete it when you no longer need the QuickViews.

Arbitrarily Bid and Invoice Addressing

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

You can now address bids and invoices to people who are not users. While we believe that the best way to keep you client involved is to give them an external users account (which is free), some customers have circumstances where providing the client access is impractical. Now you can just manually enter the customers address:

Get Alerts via E-Mail in Heap and Torch

Monday, June 1st, 2009

You can now receive an hourly activity report via e-mail as an alternative to RSS. In the message section (in both Heap and Torch) you will notice a button that says "E-Mail Alert". This is a toggle. Just click on it and it will change:


You can also select a category first then click on the toggle. This allows you to select only the categories you are interested in.

You can also select individual messages. Just go to comments page and click here:


Specifically in Heap there is one more option. You can get E-Mail alerts for all messages and comments that are associated to a prospect where you are one of the managing users. Go to the dashboard and expand "Recent Prospect Activity":


No matter how many different categories, specific messages or different projects (in the case of Torch) you turn on, all the new messages and comments will be bundled together in one e-mail that you can look at once an hour.

Torch Project Management Affiliates Program & Enhancement to Heap CRM Affiliates Program

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

With Torch's affiliates program you earn credits towards your bill just by linking to the Torch website. Here's how it works: You place a link on your website, in an email, wherever. When someone signs up using the link you'll receive half of the first months revenue.

You can check your earnings, get links and images by going to the settings tab and clicking on the affiliates program button.

We've also added a feature to Heap CRM's affiliates program:


Now you can see the number of people who are currently in free trails that you have referred and may turn into revenue if they decide to continue service past the free 31 days.

Ben’s Personal Blog

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Because so many people subscribe to the company blog for updates to Heap and Torch, I've been reluctant to post about side topics. So, I started to start a personal blog.

Right now, I have an example of how to use Heap's Simple API, a discussion of the new iMovie and the Peek. This is pretty representative of what I want to cover: basically anything that is connected in a way to the use of web apps.

The company weblog will continue to be the place for updates.

Smart Text in Heap CRM and Torch Project Management

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Text fields in Heap and Torch just got a bit smarter. But I thought it might be time to summarize everything you already can do with text.

First, of course Heap and Torch detects e-mail addresses, web addresses, phone numbers and have some formating. But lots of products do that, this post is about what's weird.

The data detector finds different ways to IM people. See in this image it has detected, AIM, Skype and Yahoo (and a UPS number):

But you also can use it for lists (in addition to the to-dos on messages):

It also detects US addresses (and provides a link to Google Maps):

And now it also detects European addresses:

Torch’s Financial Dashboards

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Torch now features two sections under the dashboard tab, both to help you keep track of the financial aspects of Torch.

The "Financials" section allows you to see all the open bids, invoices and their comments. The "All Financials" section allows you to see all open bids and invoices across all unachieved projects.

You can also subscribe to this info with RSS, so you can be informed even when you aren't in Torch.

The View from Many Dashboards

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Torch Project Management has been enhanced with a new dashboard system. You can now view items across all non-archived projects.

Just like the project dashboard, the most recent messages are listed (pinned messages never leave the dashboard) in reverse chronological order. Uncompleted events without a due date are listed first, followed by uncompleted events in chronological order.

Use the toggle in the corner to switch to viewing only those items that are pinned.

You can also subscribe to pinned messages and events with the "Complete Pinned Messages RSS" and "Complete Pinned Events iCal."

Torch Project Management: Best Practices #1

Friday, June 20th, 2008

So, here's a few tips on how to use Torch better:

1) Use Pins

Pin's are a way to mark an event or task as something special for you. When you pin something, you are only pinning it for yourself (though other users can pin the same item).

I use them to mark tasks that are my responsibility. Then on the dashboard I can toggle between uncompleted items and uncompleted items that I need to do.

2) Categorize Everything

Messages, events and Google Docs can all be placed in categories. They can also be created without a category, but try to place every item in a category. This may seem pointless early on, but it is immensely useful once the project is of any size and you are trying to find something.

For instance. If I'm trying to find a bit of text, I can search for it limiting to just search a particular category (by typing something like "search phrase category: category name"). This will produce a much shorter search result.

3) Archive Old Projects

By archiving old projects, you not only get them out of the way, but you lower their priority. So when you CC or forward e-mail into Torch it assigns it to an active project. This is particularly important if you have multiple projects with the same name or multiple projects with the same external users.