Import/Export Search Report Commands in Heap CRM

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Do you help other companies setup complex search reports in Heap CRM? You can now import/export your search report commands:

Export Search Reports

Import Search Reports

If you have setup a connection to Google Docs, you can view this data directly in a Google Spreadsheet:

Search Reports in Google Spreadsheets

Heap CRM Report Visualization and Google Visualization Data Source

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

You can now visualize your underlying data for both standard and advanced search reports in Heap CRM. Select "visualize" from list mode on the standard report or summery report in advanced search reports:

List Visualization-Cropped

Advanced Reports

You will see a visualization report that looks like this:

Reports Visualization

You can also take the data directly into Google Docs to perform custom visualizations:

List Visualization 2

Advanced Reports 2

Example custom visualization:

Visualization in Google Docs

Heap is also now a Google Visualization API data source. Which means you can analyze Heap data in numerous Google Visualization gadgets; you can even build your own. At the bottom of the advanced search report and report list you can copy this URL.