An Entirely New Dashboard for Heap CRM (Now with Sections)

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

This is the new dashboard for Heap CRM:

Heap CRM New Dashboard

This is a complete redesign of the Heap CRM dashboard, so let’s start big picture. The new dashboard is broken up into sections:

  • Overdue
  • Upcoming (Uncompleted) Events
  • New Two Weeks
  • Recent Prospect Activity
  • Upcoming Prospect Activity

Each section can be collapsed or expanded using the “+” or “-” on the far right and Heap will remember which sections are expanded and which are collapsed. If you have more than 20 items in a given section you will see a “Load more …” button which allows you to load more items for that section.

The “Event Selector” in the top right controls which events show up in the sections “Overdue,” “Upcoming (Uncompleted) Events” and “Next Two Weeks.” The event selector contains the following:

  • All Events
  • Associated to My Prospects
  • [Your Calendars]
  • My Calendar

“All Events” contains every event that you have access to (so any event on any of the calendars, on your “My Calendar,” associated to prospect or associated to a message). “Associated to My Prospects” contains any event where the event is associated to a lead, opportunity, customer or archive where you are one of the managing users.

Overdue and Upcoming Events Sections

Both the “Overdue” and “Upcoming Events” sections list uncompleted events. “Overdue” shows events that are past due and orders them with the most recent events at the top. “Upcoming Events” shows events that will occur in the future starting with the events closest to today.

These sections contain a number of new features showing different information about the event in question (indicated in the above image). Make note of the ability see additional information about the associated prospect. This allows you to accomplish the task without having to switch pages to get contact info.

Next Two Weeks

Just like the “Overdue” and “Upcoming Events,” the events that “Next Two Weeks” shows is determined by the “Event Selector.”

In general this section should be familiar to most Heap users, however, there is one condition which is a bit odd. If you create an event while “Associated to My Prospects” is selected but the event you create isn’t associated to one of your prospects, the event will appear to vanish. The event was created, but it won’t show because it isn’t associated to one of your prospects. You can see the event by changing to “All Events” or “My Calendar.”

Recent Prospect Activity and Upcoming Prospect Activity

“Recent Prospect Activity” and “Upcoming Prospect Activity” show leads, opportunities and customers where you are one of the managing users. For each prospect you will see contact info as well as the five most recent messages.

"Recent Prospect Activity" shows prospects based on recent message activity while “Upcoming Prospect Activity” shows prospects based on how soon there is an uncompleted event for the prospect.

Other Updates

There were other updates to Heap CRM today including:

  • The prospect page now remembers which sections are collapsed or expanded
  • Updates to iCalendar feeds
  • General bug fixes

Indicator Flags in Heap CRM

Friday, October 10th, 2008

We have three new indicator flags in Heap CRM.

This flag appears on leads, opportunities, customers and archives on the list page, search and the dashboard. It shows the next uncompleted event (it ignores uncompleted events in the past).

This flag shows up on the people page and the search results. It shows the number of active prospects (leads, opportunities and customers) connected to this person.

This flag also shows up on the people page and search results. It shows the number of related active prospects (leads, opportunities and customers where the person is a related person).

Heap CRM Dashboard – iPhone Native App

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

We were going to wait until this was available in the iTunes App Store, but we've gotten so many questions about it, that I thought it was time to share.

This is Heap Dashboard, our first (but not last) iPhone native app that connects to Heap CRM:

The goal of this app is not to replace the iPhone optimized version (in fact it links to it), but to provide mobile users of Heap quick (and offline) access to their most relevant data. The screenshot you see here is a shot of the prospect (leads, opportunities and customers) details page. A level up (in the navigation) is the list of prospects (where you are one of the managing users) and levels down include the message details page and the add message page.

Unfortunately, I don't know how long it will be until this is available. The app has been done for some time so it is completely in Apple's court.

Our general policy with "alternative interfaces" for our web apps is to give them away; and that's probably what will happen this time. But I'm not exactly clear on how Apple's business model works when the app connects to a pay-for web service.

So, if they request a portion of the monthly revenue from Heap CRM, we will instead charge some very minimal amount for the app in the store. We will give you a 70% credit (that's our cut) of the price to any user who requests it. It's not our goal to make money on the app itself.

Heap Dashboard is now available in the iTunes App Store here: