Send Your Voice to Heap CRM

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Ever needed to take a note when you only had a phone? Now you can with Jott. Jott is a service that converts voice messages to text and either sends them in e-mail or forwards them to a web 2.0 application (like Heap).

Here's how you set it up.

1) Sign-up for a Jott account at (it's free)* *(EDIT: This was true when this post was written, however, Jott has started to charge to connect to business services)
2) Go to the tab labeled "Jott Links"
3) Click on the "Add it Here" button on the right
4) OK, fill out this form like so:

Jott Link Setup for Heap CRM

Setup URL:
Link URL:

5) Enter your e-mail password to your Heap CRM Account.

Setup Jott Link

6) Select your account

Setup Jott Link

That's it! Now you can send messages to Heap directly from your phone.