Quickly Edit People in Heap CRM

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

You can now quick edit a person when you see them in any list (on the people page, in search results and in the related people list) in Heap CRM. Just click on the small edit button on the top:

Make your changes and click the checkmark at the top:

Much like the quick edit feature in messages, this doesn't replace the main person page (obviously) but if you are just trying to fix a phone number it should be faster.

Early Changes as a Result of Customer Feedback

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

We'll continue to run the current survey until Monday. However, we've already made four feature changes to Heap CRM based on early results and the forums (currently in beta).

1) The "person notes" are now a collapsable section on the Lead, Opportunity, Customer and Archive details page:

2) You can now duplicate people. This option is available on the Person page:

3) You can see if an event is setup to send an e-mail template without expanding it (you can see which template it is sending by hovering your mouse over the "@"):

4) The calendar you were last on is retained on the Lead, Opportunity, Customer and Archive details instead of defaulting to "all"