Convert vCards to CSV

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

We now offer an easier way to convert your Apple Address Book vCards to CSV so that you can import them into Heap CRM. It just takes three steps:

1) Download the vCards App >
2) Drag the vCards file you want to convert onto the vCards App

3) A new CSV file will appear

If you are using Microsoft Outlook (which produces a vCard for every contact instead of a single vCard), you can still use this tool:

1) Download the vCards App >
2) Drag the selection of contacts out of Outlook to create vCard files

3) Select all of the vCards and drag them onto the vCards App

4) A new CSV file will appear

Quickly Edit People in Heap CRM

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

You can now quick edit a person when you see them in any list (on the people page, in search results and in the related people list) in Heap CRM. Just click on the small edit button on the top:

Make your changes and click the checkmark at the top:

Much like the quick edit feature in messages, this doesn't replace the main person page (obviously) but if you are just trying to fix a phone number it should be faster.