WebHook Support for Beanstalk Deployments in Torch

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

In addition to receiving commit information from Beanstalk, you can now receive deployment notifications in Torch Project Management. Just drop your Torch webhook url into your deployment settings. Then when you deploy:

It will create a message:

Just like any other webhook interaction, deployments are scanned for pin, time, expense, complete, event/task and category instructions (as many as you want).

Beanstalk Integration with Torch Project Management (for Developers)

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Using Beanstalk's web hooks, Torch can now receive commit information.

What You Can Do:

The commit messages are posted to the appropriate project. You can also checkoff tasks/events (more than one if you wish) as well as categorize the message. If the project is for a client, you can also include time entries. Here is an example of a commit message:

Versions Commit Window

This results in:

commit message in torch

Setting Up the Integration:

First get the integration URL; this is under the "Integration" sub section of the "Help" tab:


NOTE: Part of the URL is blocked out because it contains the project token, however, you must copy the entire URL.

This URL is unique for each project you decide to integrate, so make sure you are on the right project before you copy the URL.

In Beanstalk, select the appropriate repository then select the "Setup" tab. Select the "Integration" sub section then "Web hooks":


Click on "Activate", then follow the onscreen instructions: