Event Alerts in Offline Mobile Interface for Heap CRM and Torch Project Management

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

You can now choose to have a pop-up alert you of upcoming events in the mobile interface for both Heap CRM and Torch Project Management:

Get Alerts via E-Mail in Heap and Torch

Monday, June 1st, 2009

You can now receive an hourly activity report via e-mail as an alternative to RSS. In the message section (in both Heap and Torch) you will notice a button that says "E-Mail Alert". This is a toggle. Just click on it and it will change:


You can also select a category first then click on the toggle. This allows you to select only the categories you are interested in.

You can also select individual messages. Just go to comments page and click here:


Specifically in Heap there is one more option. You can get E-Mail alerts for all messages and comments that are associated to a prospect where you are one of the managing users. Go to the dashboard and expand "Recent Prospect Activity":


No matter how many different categories, specific messages or different projects (in the case of Torch) you turn on, all the new messages and comments will be bundled together in one e-mail that you can look at once an hour.

E-Mail Alerts

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

We have an exciting new feature in Heap CRM: E-Mail alerts. What this allows you to do is get a summery of overdue events, today's events or both. To get started just go to your calendar and click on "E-Mail Alerts."

E-Mail Alerts

Now, you can do this for any or all of your calendars, so you can be very specific on which events you will be alerted for.

Migration update

Some of you may know that a migration is in progress for Heap and all other WBP SYSTEMS assets. I'm pleased to tell you that the first, and most significant step, is complete. Over that last couple of weeks you should have noticed marked improvement in speed and performance.