Sharing Google Docs just got easier

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

I'm so excited to tell you about a new feature in Heap CRM and Torch Project Management: Automatic sharing of Google Docs. Before, when you linked a Google Document, you would still have to open up the file in Google, click sharing and add the collaborators. And while we really thought this was a pain, we couldn't fix it because there wasn't a way to tell Google what the permissions on a document were. That changed about two weeks ago when Google updated their API.

So, in Heap when you link a Google document (or spreadsheet or presentation) to a message, Heap automatically changes Google's permissions of that document so all the users on your account can access it. In Torch when you link a Google document (or spreadsheet or presentation), Torch automatically changes Google's permissions so that anyone on the project can access it.

To get this to work, you will have to reset your Google connection.

Note: At the moment this feature is a bit slow, you will probably notice a pause when you link Google documents. We've already contacted Google about it and they consider it a defect. Hopefully we will have a resolution soon.