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Support for Panic’s Status Board in Torch Project Management

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Yesterday, Panic released Status Board, an app for the iPad to show exactly the status of everything you're involved with. Of course, the plethora of RSS and iCalendar/vCalendar feeds in Torch work out of the box, but I thought we could do custom feeds in a few areas:

My Pinned ToDos


Torch has a notion that events can occur on a particular day, or just have to be done at some point. While all of this is included in our feeds, some calendar apps don't support the TODO variety. For this reason a custom status board for your pinned events have been created.



Much more importantly, you can now get status board updates on your active projects' budgets. Just like the Google Docs, Google Visualizations and CSVs, you can select to get this status information at any drill-down level.

Edit, April 12th:


Additionally, by popular request, you can now have charts of the complete vs incomplete tasks, by person, project or category. Just like the budgets this info can be grabbed at any drill-down level.

Here is a couple of example graphs showing task completion status of employees as well as by project:


Here, we see the person has selected to track a specific projects tasks (Website Design) instead of a summary of all projects:


Status board is a nice addition to our existing notification systems through iCal and RSS feeds, browser extensions and webhooks.

All Heap and Torch Alfred Workflows are Updated for 2.0

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

As some of you may know, Alfred 2.0 was released this week. To make sure everyone can upgrade and take advantage of the new features all of our extensions (now called workflows in 2.0) have been upgraded. Links to the new workflows are in the knowledge base articles:

Using Heap CRM from Alfred >
Using Torch Project Management from Alfred >

Long Awaited Receipt Pictures Have Come to Mobile (Torch Project Management)

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

About a year ago, I announced a feature that allows the mobile user on Torch Project Management to take a picture of a receipt and attach it the expense. Which was great for Android users on Ice Cream Sandwich, but that was a very small number of people. With the release of iOS 6, the number of people has greatly increased.

Here's how it works (on ICS):

Under the expense area, add an expense and press "Add Receipt":

Take the picture:

The receipt is now attached:

Under iOS it works the same way:

Press "Add Receipt":

Take the picture and the receipt is now attached:

HeapCL and TorchCL Now Available Through MacPorts

Friday, August 31st, 2012

I have some great news for Heap CRM or Torch Project Management users that also use MacPorts to maintain their command line tools: HeapCL and TorchCL can now be installed by MacPorts.


1) Makes sure you have the latest version of the ports tree. In the terminal type:

sudo port -v selfupdate

2a) Install HeapCL. In the terminal type:

sudo port install heapcl

2b) Install TorchCL. In the terminal type:

sudo port install torchcl

And that's it!

“Snippet for Torch Project Management” Safari Extension

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Using the "Snippet for Torch Project Management" Safari Extension, users of Torch Project Management can quickly select content from any website and save it as a message in Heap CRM. This is the Safari equivalent to the "Save to Torch Project Management" Chrome Extension.

The extension works offline and periodically syncs with the Torch service. This means that the interface is always snappy and it even works on unstable connections.

Oh, and the extension is updated to look great on retina displays.

Install >

Resolution Independence in Torch Project Management (for the new iPad and Retina display MacBook Pro)

Friday, July 6th, 2012

The new retina display on the iPad and MacBook Pro present a challenge for web application developers. It means designing special graphics for a relatively small number of devices. There is another approach: vector graphics (which look good at any resolution).

Firefox, Safari and Chrome have support SVG graphics (a vector format) for many versions. But due to a lack of support in Internet Explorer, using SVG on a wide scale wasn't particularly practical. That changed last year with the release of IE 9. Now all major browsers have support for SVG and there has been a sufficient amount of time for people to upgrade.

So, as you might have guessed by now, Torch Project Management's graphics have been recreated in SVG. Not only do people with higher resolution displays benefit, but anyone can zoom the interface and the graphics still look great; and vector graphics will still look good regardless of what resolution a vendor might release next. Let's take a look at how this looks (screenshots taken from a Retina MacBook Pro):

Messages on the Dashboard:



Some events showing new loading graphic:

Finally, the Safari Extensions have also been updated to display properly on high resolution displays:

As always with these sort of updates, if you aren't seeing something or something is behaving strange, empty your browser cache.

Torch Project Management: Now With *Less* Features (if you want)!

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Does your company use only some parts of Torch Project Management? That's ok, a lot of people do (it's just different bits). Now, you can disable most major sections (with the exception of messages and events/tasks as they are key to everything) and it will clean-up your interface of unwanted items:

So, your company has its own invoicing system or expense tracking doesn't apply? Great! Just turn them off.

Access Torch Activity from Google Spreadsheets

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Accessing activity in Torch Project Management from Google Spreadsheets is easy! Once you install the script from the gallery (instruction in the knowledge base), you can get message or event information by using the menu:

Or using a formula, such as:

=CountEvents("Project Name","Category","yes","no")

More info here >

Torch Project Management’s New Google Drive / Docs Page and Other Interface Improvements

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

The Google Drive / Docs section in Torch has received a facelift to make it both easier to use and faster to access the content on your Google Drive.

Adding Documents:

Just start to type the name of a document in the search box on the right. As you type, the search results will update in the drop-down. You might also notice that collections (also called folders in Google Drive) appear below the item colored in red.

Any document you add will automatically have its permission adjusted to match the project.

Uploading Documents:

If you want to upload a document to Google Drive, just drag the file(s) to the document list area. Any document you add will automatically have its permission adjusted to match the project. Additionally, they will automatically be organized (using the project name) within your Google Drive.

Please note: This feature requires a bleeding edge HTML5 API which is only currently supported by Chrome 12+ and Firefox 5+. Safari will add support soon in an upcoming update. IE will add support in version 10.

Users and User Access:

When a Torch account had a large number of external users, it sometimes become difficult to assign the right person to a project or find the right person under the users tab.

Now under the project access page, you simply search for the person or company:

Under the external users page, you can filter the list by typing in the person's name, company, phone, etc. into the "Filter List" box:

Additionally, it is now more convent than ever to create users. No longer do you have to specify a password, just leave it blank and a random password will be generated instead:

Finally, sometimes people want to create a user but not send the credentials to the new participant. This can happen when you want people's emails to automatically import into the project, but you really don't expect them to sign in to Torch. That's now possible:

Bids / Invoices:

One last thing, some users found it confusing to send bids and invoices through the comments system. While you can still send bids and invoices in this way, there is now a simple one click way to send the item over e-mail:

Get Messages from the Torch Project Management WebHook (and TorchCL)

Friday, January 6th, 2012

You can now retrieve messages using the Torch Project Management webhook. If I set the variable (JSON, POST or GET) “list” to “messages John Doe” I will get a JSON payload containing messages associated to the prospect John Doe.

Sense TorchCL is just a client to the WebHook, you can now retrieve this information directly from the terminal. If I type:

./torchCL --list "messages WebSite Design" --save "messages.csv"

I'll get a CSV containing messages in the project WebSite Design. If I type:

./torchCL --list "messages WebSite Design" --save "messages.txt"

I'll get a plain text file containing each message.

TorchCL has been updated, so all users should download the latest version.

TorchCL >