Support for Panic’s Status Board in Torch Project Management

Yesterday, Panic released Status Board, an app for the iPad to show exactly the status of everything you're involved with. Of course, the plethora of RSS and iCalendar/vCalendar feeds in Torch work out of the box, but I thought we could do custom feeds in a few areas:

My Pinned ToDos


Torch has a notion that events can occur on a particular day, or just have to be done at some point. While all of this is included in our feeds, some calendar apps don't support the TODO variety. For this reason a custom status board for your pinned events have been created.



Much more importantly, you can now get status board updates on your active projects' budgets. Just like the Google Docs, Google Visualizations and CSVs, you can select to get this status information at any drill-down level.

Edit, April 12th:


Additionally, by popular request, you can now have charts of the complete vs incomplete tasks, by person, project or category. Just like the budgets this info can be grabbed at any drill-down level.

Here is a couple of example graphs showing task completion status of employees as well as by project:


Here, we see the person has selected to track a specific projects tasks (Website Design) instead of a summary of all projects:


Status board is a nice addition to our existing notification systems through iCal and RSS feeds, browser extensions and webhooks.

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