Updates to Heap CRM’s Interface to Google Drive / Docs

For those of you looking at the Google Drive interface improvements to Torch Project Management with a bit of jealously, the same type of improvements are now in Heap CRM.

When you create message, simply start typing the name of the file you want (on your Google Drive) and list will appear:

You can add as many files to a message as you want. Heap is smart enough to adjust the permissions of those files so that all of the users in your Heap account can see them.

If you are using a modern browser it is now stupidly simply to upload files to Google Drive. Just drag and drop on the create message area:

Additionally, in any place you compose e-mail or e-mail templates within Heap, you can now use this same search feature to insert links to files in Google Drive:

And, like messages, you just drag and drop file onto the window to upload files to Google Drive.

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