Resolution Independence in Torch Project Management (for the new iPad and Retina display MacBook Pro)

The new retina display on the iPad and MacBook Pro present a challenge for web application developers. It means designing special graphics for a relatively small number of devices. There is another approach: vector graphics (which look good at any resolution).

Firefox, Safari and Chrome have support SVG graphics (a vector format) for many versions. But due to a lack of support in Internet Explorer, using SVG on a wide scale wasn't particularly practical. That changed last year with the release of IE 9. Now all major browsers have support for SVG and there has been a sufficient amount of time for people to upgrade.

So, as you might have guessed by now, Torch Project Management's graphics have been recreated in SVG. Not only do people with higher resolution displays benefit, but anyone can zoom the interface and the graphics still look great; and vector graphics will still look good regardless of what resolution a vendor might release next. Let's take a look at how this looks (screenshots taken from a Retina MacBook Pro):

Messages on the Dashboard:



Some events showing new loading graphic:

Finally, the Safari Extensions have also been updated to display properly on high resolution displays:

As always with these sort of updates, if you aren't seeing something or something is behaving strange, empty your browser cache.

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