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Torch Project Management: Now With *Less* Features (if you want)!

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Does your company use only some parts of Torch Project Management? That's ok, a lot of people do (it's just different bits). Now, you can disable most major sections (with the exception of messages and events/tasks as they are key to everything) and it will clean-up your interface of unwanted items:

So, your company has its own invoicing system or expense tracking doesn't apply? Great! Just turn them off.

Access Torch Activity from Google Spreadsheets

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Accessing activity in Torch Project Management from Google Spreadsheets is easy! Once you install the script from the gallery (instruction in the knowledge base), you can get message or event information by using the menu:

Or using a formula, such as:

=CountEvents("Project Name","Category","yes","no")

More info here >

Torch Project Management’s New Google Drive / Docs Page and Other Interface Improvements

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

The Google Drive / Docs section in Torch has received a facelift to make it both easier to use and faster to access the content on your Google Drive.

Adding Documents:

Just start to type the name of a document in the search box on the right. As you type, the search results will update in the drop-down. You might also notice that collections (also called folders in Google Drive) appear below the item colored in red.

Any document you add will automatically have its permission adjusted to match the project.

Uploading Documents:

If you want to upload a document to Google Drive, just drag the file(s) to the document list area. Any document you add will automatically have its permission adjusted to match the project. Additionally, they will automatically be organized (using the project name) within your Google Drive.

Please note: This feature requires a bleeding edge HTML5 API which is only currently supported by Chrome 12+ and Firefox 5+. Safari will add support soon in an upcoming update. IE will add support in version 10.

Users and User Access:

When a Torch account had a large number of external users, it sometimes become difficult to assign the right person to a project or find the right person under the users tab.

Now under the project access page, you simply search for the person or company:

Under the external users page, you can filter the list by typing in the person's name, company, phone, etc. into the "Filter List" box:

Additionally, it is now more convent than ever to create users. No longer do you have to specify a password, just leave it blank and a random password will be generated instead:

Finally, sometimes people want to create a user but not send the credentials to the new participant. This can happen when you want people's emails to automatically import into the project, but you really don't expect them to sign in to Torch. That's now possible:

Bids / Invoices:

One last thing, some users found it confusing to send bids and invoices through the comments system. While you can still send bids and invoices in this way, there is now a simple one click way to send the item over e-mail: