Get Messages from the Torch Project Management WebHook (and TorchCL)

You can now retrieve messages using the Torch Project Management webhook. If I set the variable (JSON, POST or GET) “list” to “messages John Doe” I will get a JSON payload containing messages associated to the prospect John Doe.

Sense TorchCL is just a client to the WebHook, you can now retrieve this information directly from the terminal. If I type:

./torchCL --list "messages WebSite Design" --save "messages.csv"

I'll get a CSV containing messages in the project WebSite Design. If I type:

./torchCL --list "messages WebSite Design" --save "messages.txt"

I'll get a plain text file containing each message.

TorchCL has been updated, so all users should download the latest version.

TorchCL >

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