Quicker Access to Common Actions in Heap CRM

Certain actions in Heap CRM are pretty common: adding/removing a person or prospect to a category, changing the managing users and creating prospects from existing people. But until now, these features were not differentiated in the interface: you still had to go to the person or prospect details page to change them. Now, you can take these actions from any list, search, dashboard or related person view using the action button.

The action button is a gear located to the right of a person or prospect:

In the case of a person, clicking on this button allows you to change categories, create prospects or duplicate the person:

In the case of a prospect, clicking this button allows you to change categories, change managing users, or convert the stage of transaction:

4 Responses to “Quicker Access to Common Actions in Heap CRM”

  1. Paul Says:

    Ben great improvement that I have not tested it yet but please tell me we can have finally access to sending email at the top of the page. Having link to send email located at the bottom of the page( that can be quite long if you have related contacts) it's extremely inconvenient

    Also please keep in mind that due to Heap limitations our category lists are long as a results IMO they should not be places at the top of any list or menu

  2. Ben Says:

    Hi Paul -

    Realizing that some people had many categories and some had many users, those sections can scroll. So even if you have many, they will not block out the items in the action menu below.

  3. peter Says:

    How about the ability to delete leads/people/ et al from that menu - or a select, 'bulk action' pull down?

    Would love that.

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