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Quicker Access to Common Actions in Heap CRM

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Certain actions in Heap CRM are pretty common: adding/removing a person or prospect to a category, changing the managing users and creating prospects from existing people. But until now, these features were not differentiated in the interface: you still had to go to the person or prospect details page to change them. Now, you can take these actions from any list, search, dashboard or related person view using the action button.

The action button is a gear located to the right of a person or prospect:

In the case of a person, clicking on this button allows you to change categories, create prospects or duplicate the person:

In the case of a prospect, clicking this button allows you to change categories, change managing users, or convert the stage of transaction:

Heap CRM Automation Comes to Related People

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Heap CRM's ability to automate tasks simply by creating an event is one of its most powerful features. Using this ability, you can automatically send email, perform actions on prospect, setup future events and more. This ability is now available for related people.

Suppose you want to send an email. But you want to send it in a week, to a supplier, not to the main contact:

This works just like when you send to a prospect: you can execute email commands, use variables, use the content of the event itself. However, in this case it is sent to the related person and the person variables are replaced with the related person's data (other variables relating to the transaction stage, event, etc. are still replaced with the appropriate data).

More than just email …

Like events connected to the main contact of the transaction, you can also evaluate the the description box with any set of email commands on any schedule. Just create an event, fill the commands into the description and select "Execute description box".

Use event templates to create events

But you can do all of the above with event templates as well. From the prospect detail page, select to run a template and choose the person you want to use for contact data:

Print your Invoices/Bids to the Cloud with Google Cloud Print (Torch Project Management)

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Google has a fantastic product called Google Cloud Print, where you can print from anywhere from any device to any printer you own (assuming you have it registered with the service). You can now print Torch Invoices or Bids to Google Cloud Print.

Click the "Google Cloud Print" button under "Export":

Select your printer: