My Tasks in Torch Project Management for Firefox

My Tasks in Torch Project Management is a small add-on to alert you of your upcoming tasks in Torch Project Management. Features include: notifications (with sound & notification window) of your tasks:

A list of upcoming tasks accessible from the add-on bar:

The extension works offline and periodically syncs with the Torch service. This means that the interface is always snappy and it even works on unstable connections.

Who's this for:

Firefox users that want to be notified of upcoming tasks

Who's this not for:

Chrome users. The chrome extension has (and will continue to have) more features.

Password note:

This extension uses your existing saved password from within Firefox to log into Torch Project Management. If you do not have your password saved, the extension will ask you to save it the next time you log into Torch Project Management. Please note: This is Firefox's saved password feature, this is not the same as checking the box for Torch to remember your log in. To save a password to Firefox, you should use this dialog box:

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