Using Heap CRM from Alfred

Do you use Alfred and Heap CRM? Now, just like LaunchBar or QuickSilver, you can interact with Heap directly from within Alfred.

In the new version of Alfred (version .9) you can setup terminal / shell shortcuts that automatically send data to HeapCL. Here is an image of my current shortcuts:

So if I wanted to get the history of a prospect (in this case John Doe), I would type:

Which would save the history file to my desktop.

Creating one of these shortcuts is super easy. For instance this is shortcut for completing an event:

Other Shortcuts:

Keyword: complete:
Command: source ~/.bash_profile;heapCL --title="Simulated Message" --body="[complete: {query}]" --simulate

Keyword: event:
Command: source ~/.bash_profile;heapCL --title="Simulated Message" --body="[event: {query}]" --simulate

Keyword: events
Command: source ~/.bash_profile;heapCL --list="events" --save="~/desktop/results.csv"

Keyword: events:
Command: source ~/.bash_profile;heapCL --list="events {query}" --save="~/desktop/results.csv"

Keyword: history:
Command: source ~/.bash_profile;heapCL --history="{query}" --save="~/desktop/results.csv"

Keyword: search:
Command: source ~/.bash_profile;heapCL --search="{query}" --save="~/desktop/results.csv"

Keyword: searchpeople:
Command: source ~/.bash_profile;heapCL --searchpeople="{query}" --save="~/desktop/results.csv"

Keyword: stats:
Command: source ~/.bash_profile;heapCL --stats="{query}" --save="~/desktop/results.csv"

Keyword: templates
Command: source ~/.bash_profile;heapCL --list="emailtemplates" --save="~/desktop/results.csv"

Keyword: templates:
Command: source ~/.bash_profile;heapCL --list="emailtemplates {query}" --save="~/desktop/results.csv"

Alternatively you can simply download this zip file and move the contents to your Alfred scripts folder (~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/extensions or in your dropbox if you are syncing).

Alfred shortcuts >

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