Updates to TorchCL / List Events, Filter by Project & Save in GTD Format

To support the new features in the WebHook, TorchCL (Torch Project Management's command line interface) has been updated.

Listing Events

First, let's say I want to list events, I can type:

./torchCL --list="events"

And that would return all uncompleted, pinned events to my screen. I also could type:

./torchCL --list="events" --save="events.csv"

Which would save those events to a CSV file (in this case named events.csv).

Filtering Lists

Just like the WebHook itself, TorchCL now supports filtering lists when using the "all active projects" WebHook url. Let's say I want any invoice in the project WebSite Design, I could type:

./torchCL --list="invoices WebSite Design" --save="invoices.csv"

And have the results saved to the file "invoices.csv". I can also filter events; let's say I want any event in the project "Newsletter". I could type:

./torchCL --list="events Newsletter"

Which would return uncompleted and pinned events in the newsletter project to my screen. Filters can be applied to events, invoices, payments, time and expenses.

Saving in GTD Format

When listing events, you now have the option to save in a GTD (Getting Things Done) style format. If I type something like (ie. the key difference being the ".txt" instead of ".csv"):

./torchCL --list="events" --save="events.txt"

TorchCL will save a file similar to the following:

+WebSite_Design Review Graphics
+WebSite_Design @Graphics Lunch with John at 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM on Mar 26th, 2011

Where each event is on its own line, projects are specified with a "+" and categories are specified with the "@" sign. This format is commonly used when applying David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology and is compatible with programs like Todo.txt.

Updates to LaunchBar and QuickSilver Scripts

Both the LaunchBar and QuickSilver action scripts have been updated to take full advantage of the additional features. So once you update your action scripts, you can filter lists, grab events and save events in GTD format.

LaunchBar Action Script >
QuickSilver Action Script >

Installation and Update

Because of substantial changes to TorchCL, it is recommend for all users to download a new copy. Those of you updating will not have to reconfigure any settings, you will simply have to overwrite your existing installation with the new one.

Download >
More about TorchCL >

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