Updates to Torch WebHook / List Events & Filter by Project

Torch Project Management just had its WebHook enhanced. Let's start with events.

Listing Events

Prior to today, you could get a list of invoices, time entries, expenses and payments by specifying the appropriate term in the list variable. Now you can also list events.

Specifically, you are listing your uncompleted pinned events and tasks. If you are subscribing to a project specific WebHook, that would be any event/task you have pinned and is uncompleted in that project. If you are subscribing to the "all active projects" WebHook, then it will be any uncompleted, pinned event in a non-archived project.

Here is typical JSON response:

"key": "1700",
"title": "Review Graphics",
"date": "",
"description": "",
"location": "",
"projectname": "WebSite Design",
"projectbudget": "2600.00"
"key": "942",
"title": "Lunch with John at 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM",
"date": "Mar 26th, 2011",
"description": "Talk about plans",
"location": "Cafe",
"category": "Graphics",
"categorybudget": "1500.00",
"projectname": "WebSite Design",
"projectbudget": "2600.00"

Notice that both events and tasks are listed, tasks are simply listed without a date.

Filtering Lists

Prior to today, if you subscribed to the "all active projects" WebHook, you would always get every item in all non-archived projects. If you wanted to get a list of items specific to a project, you would need to change to a project specific WebHook. No more, now you can filter instead.

Say you are using the "all active projects" WebHook, but you only want events in the project "WebSite Redesign" then you could set the list variable to "events WebSite Redesign". Or, let's say you only want payments from the project "Newsletter", you could set the list variable to "payments Newsletter". This works with any of the list commands (invoices, time, expenses, payments and events).

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