Automating with HeapCL and an Automator Service

So, let's say you have a list of names that you are calling for the holidays. Each prospect has a task that needs to be marked as complete and you also want to schedule a followup call in 7 days.

You could do this directly from the terminal with HeapCL:

What's going on here? So, I'm using HeapCL's ability to parse messages to do a few things. First, using the association command to indicating what prospect this should apply to. Second, I'm marking off the appropriate event and finally I'm creating a new event in 7 days.

However, I'm also including an optional flag ("--simulate"). This indicates to Heap that while I want all of the commands to be processed, I actually don't want the message created.

Ok, so that's cool, but not very automated. I could probably do that just as fast within Heap itself. But the beauty of the command line is that you can turn it into something that can be used over and over again. So here is that same command in Automator:

This time I'm swapping out name ("John Doe") and replacing it with a variable that represents whatever text I might have selected ("$f").

So once that's saved, it is a system service. Meaning it works anytime I have some text selected. For instance, I'm in a text editor with the text "John Doe":

And that's it, if I open up Heap and look at John Doe's calendar, I see that one event has been checked off and another created:

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