E-Mail Templates via JSON WebHook (Heap CRM)

You can both retrieve and post E-Mail Templates to Heap CRM via the WebHook. Just set "list" to "eventtemplates" (there is an example under your help section). This will result in something like:

"subject":"[event name] [event location]",
"body":"[event description]\n\nSome more text\n\n[convert to: lead]"

Additionally, you can create a new E-Mail Template by posting to (or including JSON) the variables "subject" and "body".

Because this addition is to the WebHook, you can use this info in a whole bunch of places including Google Spreadsheets, your website, or really anywhere you can process JSON.

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2 Responses to “E-Mail Templates via JSON WebHook (Heap CRM)”

  1. Paul Says:

    For non-programmers like me, it would be great if some of the posts referring to n new functionality of HeapCRM contained a video or a quick paragraph/pic how this could be used in 'real-life'

  2. Ben Says:

    Paul -

    You might look at how Google Docs talks to the webhook:


    Or how WuFoo uses the WebHook:


    Or how MailChimp uses the WebHook:


    What's great about the webhook is all these people, and many more, benefit from a single change.

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