Search for Ranges in Custom Values (Heap CRM)

The Heap CRM "custom-value:" bucket selector now accepts greater than and less than operations. Let's say you have a custom value field called "Unrecoverable Cost" where you store costs associated with a transaction but are unchangeable. You could search for:

custom-value:Unrecoverable Cost>200

And find every prospect where the costs equal or exceed 200.

You can also search dates as well. If you had a custom value field named "Contract End Date" and you wanted to find every prospect who's contact ended this month you could search for:

custom-value:Contract End Date>7/1/2010 custom-value:Contract End Date<7/31/2010

Just as before, you can type in text, dates, and numbers in custom values. Heap does the work of detecting the type of data.

Remember, when you are searching prospects, you are searching prospect level custom values and when you are searching people you are searching people level custom values.

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