Search Financial History (Heap CRM)

There is now nine new bucket selectors for Heap CRM's ever expanding search system:


Limits history records to leads and opportunities.

history-before: -5 weeks history-after: -4 weeks

Limits history records to between four and five weeks ago.

history-expected-value-greater-than: 500 history-expected-value-less-than: 2000

Limits search to history records with an expected value between (and including) $500 and $2000.

history-probability-greater-than: .25 history-probability-less-than: .7

Limits search to history records with a probability of success between (and including) 25 and 70 percent.

history-value-greater-than: 2000 history-value-less-than: 10000

Limits search to history records with a potential value between (and including) $2000 and $10,000.

Obviously, these are best used used together. For instance, let's say I want to find all customers created between June 20th and June 25th with an expected value greater than $200:

history-after: 6/20/2010 history-before: 6/25/2010 history-type:customer history-expected-value-greater-than: 200

Note: Starting on June 10th, 2010 Heap CRM started to store a history of when a prospect was converted from one type to another, the value was changed or the probability was changed. This is the second feature to use this data.

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