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Expansion of Formatting Guide in Heap and Torch

Monday, May 31st, 2010

You can now use three new formatting tools in Heap CRM and Torch Project Management:

+Some text+


Some text

-Some text-


Some text

|Column one|Column two|
|Some text|Some text|


Column one Column two
Some text Some text

Google Chrome Desktop Notifications in Heap and Torch

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

With Heap, when you have an upcoming event on your "My Calendar" or associated to one of your prospects and you have the "My Events in Heap CRM" Chrome Extension installed, you will now be alerted like so:

With Torch, when you have an upcoming pinned event and you have the "My Tasks in Torch" Chrome Extension installed, you will be alerted like so:

More Advanced E-Mail Commands (Torch Project Management)

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

There are a few new e-mail commands to make you more efficient in Torch Project Management:

[new project: Name of New Project]

If you are an internal user, you can create a new project and attach the incoming e-mail to it.

[new project: Name of New Project: 1000]

Optionally, you can also specify the budget of the project by using a second colon followed by a number.

[event:06/26/2010:Lunch at 12pm->Ben, John Doe]

You can now (optionally) specify a list of pinned users on an event by using the "->" extension. You don't have to specify the users' entire name just enough so that it is unique within the project.

As always, these commands are also available when sending data to the web hook.

Add Projects in More Places (Torch Project Management)

Monday, May 24th, 2010

We've heard you loud and clear, you want to be able to add projects outside of the main web application: Now you can.

Offline Mobile Interface:

More ...

Chrome Extensions (All three):

More ...


More ...


More ...

Regardless of the interface, when you create a new project it automatically triggers the default categories, events and budgets you have setup under "Settings"->"Default Categories".

Fire Event Template on Calendar, Add and Remove User on Newly Created Prospect (Heap CRM)

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Today, we are releasing a few new features to help make our power users even more productive in Heap CRM. There is a total of three changes to the e-mail commands:

[template:Name of event template->Calendar]

You can now specify a calendar when firing event template. This command can be used on messages, events and when creating prospects.

[add user: Name of User]

In addition to messages and events you can now add managing users to a newly created prospect.

[remove user: Name of User]

In addition to messages and events you can now remove managing users from a newly created prospect.

Additionally, these commands can be included in E-Mail templates (or any e-mail sent out of Heap), messages sent to the WebHook and much more.