The “Heap CRM Prospect Search” Google Apps Script

Using the Heap CRM Prospect Search Google Apps Script you can retrieve the average expected value, total expected value or number of items of any prospect search. Just like any Google Apps Script, it works right inside you spreadsheet allowing you to work with the menu items or interact with the functions as formulas in the cells. Let's try an example:

There is a user in my account named "Dave". I want to know how many customers Dave created in the last two weeks. So, I select "Number of Items" from the menu and when prompted I type:

type:customer user:Dave customer-after: -2 weeks

In a couple of seconds the selected cell is filled with the number of items. Just like the find and search report system in Heap, you really can do anything under the sun. So, you might want to brush up on the bucket selectors.

But, you can also use the functions as formulas. The following functions are available:


You can also use these in combination with built in functions. In the spreadsheet below, I use the "CONCATENATE" function to build the search phrase column like so:

=CONCATENATE("category:",A2," type:lead")

Then reference the search phrase column with each of the above functions:

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