Using Torch WebHooks for Bug Tracking

WebHooks in Torch Project Management are really flexible; Google Apps Scripts are really flexible. We've used this combination to help track bugs.

We have a feature in Heap CRM called "Search Reports." It's a really complicated feature. That's why we have a feedback form on the bottom. But, people put all sorts of things in this form: feature requests, confusion about the way things are calculated, etc. While we need these things they are obviously not as important as an actual error. In that case I want the message pinned to me and I want a task setup. I do this by simply including:

[category:Search Reports: Bug]
[pin:Ben Smith]
[event:Possible Search Report Bug]

in the webhook payload when the script detects the word "bug" or "error". The full example is here.

I hope this gets you thinking about the tasks in your workflow that could be automated; you might be able to do it with a webhook.

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