Heap CRM and Google Voice

Heap CRM has imported Google Voice Mail and SMS messages for some time now. When you e-mail a message Heap uses the from phone number to search the prospects and attempt to make an association.*

But, as of the 25th of January, the integration got whole lot better. With the use of the Google Voice Chrome Extension all phone numbers are remapped to Google Voice:

* Actually, there isn't anything special about Google Voice, Heap always tries to make associations based on phone numbers it detects in e-mail messages.

2 Responses to “Heap CRM and Google Voice”

  1. Jim Littlefield Says:

    I've been using a personal edition of Salesforce to track my job search activities. However, I couldn't bring myself to consider paying for it.

    Now that I've seen Heap CRM, it's worth paying for! You've incorporated and integrated many of the capabilities I've dreamed of having.

    If you're looking for people to grow your business, I am open to opportunities.

  2. Ben Says:

    Hi Jim -

    You might look at our partners program to see if that is something you are interested in:


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