Torch Project Management E-Mail Conversation Threading

Do you sometimes have e-mail messages that go back in forth? Now in Torch, you have the option to have the entire conversation collapsed into a single message.

First you have to enable e-mail threading:

Threading Option in Settings

Now, let's say I need to reply to this e-mail (where the first message is already in Torch):

E-Mail Conversation

The reply shows up as a comment instead of an entirely new message:


This works regardless of how many people are involved in the conversation or how many replies you have.

One Response to “Torch Project Management E-Mail Conversation Threading”

  1. Susan de Sousa Says:

    Wow this would be absolutely fantastic to have as it would mean not having one's Inbox clogged up with the replies of 20 people on the same mail!

    It would certainly make the project management basics easier to implement as well as being able to manage multiple projects a much simpler task.

    You have no idea how much time is wasted trawling through numerous emails conversations trying to find the one important piece someone wrote!


    Susan de Sousa
    Site Editor

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