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Torch Project Management has Expense Tracking

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

You can now track expenses in Torch Project Management. This is really handy if you buy products on behalf of your client and later bill for them. You can also use expense tracking to make sure your project expenses don't get out of control (whether you later bill for them or not).

The Expense Page:

Expense Page

Importing into Invoices:

Just like time entries, you can import expenses into invoices. Torch keeps track of which entries have been billed, so you can continue to use the same categories throughout the entire project.

First, click "Expenses from Category":

Import to Invoice

Then, select the correct category:

Select Category to Import to Invoice

The category now shows up on your invoice as a section:

Imported Category

Accessing Expenses from the Offline Mobile Interface (for iPhone and Android):

Over the next few usages of the Offline Mobile Interface your app will be upgraded to support expenses automatically. Here is the new main screen:

HTML5 Front

Adding expenses:

HTML5 Add Expenses

Adding Expenses from E-Mail:

You can add expenses from any e-mail being sent into Torch using the following command:

[expense:Note about expense:200]

You can have as many of these on a single message as you want, however each must be on its own line.

Adding Expenses from a WebHooked App (like Beanstalk or GitHub):

You can add expenses using the following command:

[expense:Note about expense:200]

You can have as many of these on a single commit as you want.

The API has also been updated to support expenses.

Update to Advanced E-Mail Event Operator in Heap CRM

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

You can now assign an e-mail template to an event created via the the event e-mail command in Heap CRM. For instance, this would create an event sending an e-mail template titled "Follow-up":

[event:+1 Week:Send E-Mail Confirmation->My Calendar-@Follow-up]

This command works in for incoming message and prospect e-mail as well as outgoing e-mail.

Default Events as Part of Default Categories in Torch Project Management

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

You can now include events as part of default categories in Torch. Each event is defined in relation to the date you create your project:

Default Categories

The number of days can be any whole number (including negatives) and you can have as many default events as you want.

Related Messages in Heap CRM

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

You can now see related messages in Heap CRM. Looking at any message there is now a box on the right of the comment screen that looks like this:

Related Messages

If the message is associated to a prospect, related messages will show messages within that prospect with the same subject line. Otherwise it will show all messages with the same subject line.

Torch Project Management E-Mail Conversation Threading

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Do you sometimes have e-mail messages that go back in forth? Now in Torch, you have the option to have the entire conversation collapsed into a single message.

First you have to enable e-mail threading:

Threading Option in Settings

Now, let's say I need to reply to this e-mail (where the first message is already in Torch):

E-Mail Conversation

The reply shows up as a comment instead of an entirely new message:


This works regardless of how many people are involved in the conversation or how many replies you have.

Changes to Heap CRM as a Result of the Survey

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

There are two features as a result of the survey:

  • You can customize the names of the tabs
  • E-Mail templates are better organized

Under Settings->Interface you will see this screen:

Modify Tabs

E-Mail templates now show the first few words of the message body when you select them from a drop-down. This is useful when the you have multiple e-mail templates with the same subject line. There is also a few modifications to the e-mail templates page.

Changes to Torch Project Management as a Result of the Survey

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

There are two new features as a result of the survey:

  • Import sections from bids and invoices
  • Remove the comment box on invoices and bids when printing

The import feature allows you to duplicate any invoice or bid in an active project (making it basically a template). You can find this feature here:

Import Invoices - Bids

The second feature was pretty minor, but a large number of people requested it: Hiding the comment box when printing invoices and bids. The box will still appear when you viewing on screen but will disappear when print.