Search Phone Numbers and import Voice Mail in Heap CRM

You can now search using part of a phone number in Heap CRM. Just like many fields, there is now a special bucket selector named phone. Here is an example search:

James phone: 509|206

This would find someone named James in the 509 or 206 area code. Despite its name, the phone bucket selector actually searches the phone, mobile and fax fields.

You can now also forward in voice mail from services like Google Voice and have them associate to the proper prospect based on phone number. In Google Voice from the "more" menu you can select to e-mail the voice mail:

Send Message to Heap

Which will be imported into Heap like so:

Google Voice in Heap

2 Responses to “Search Phone Numbers and import Voice Mail in Heap CRM”

  1. Jeff Says:


    Great addition! Can we also expect integration with GoogleVoice in the same way that you have integrated Skype? In other words, I would love to be able to click on a phone number in my Leads, Opps, Customers and have it open Google Voice and call my phone to connect the call. THX

  2. Ben Says:

    Skype is capturing that input via the callto: protocol. At the moment Google doesn't have the ability to do that (though it is something they should add in my opinion to notifier). Also Voice doesn't have an API yet, so there is no sanctioned way to interact with it directly.

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