Offline Mobile Access in Heap CRM

I'm pleased to announce a major new feature for Heap CRM: Offline Mobile Access. You can view messages, comments, uncompleted events, people on your active prospects regardless if you have an Internet connection. You can also add content (messages, events, people) and check-off events while offline.

But what is perhaps more exciting is how this is accomplished. Inspired by the great work done by the Gmail team and the support for HTML5 and Gears on the iPhone 3.0 and Android platforms, this mobile interface behaves like a hybrid of a web app and a native app. Like a native app it’s crazy fast and operates offline because the software and data is located on your device. However, like a web app it can be updated on a regular basis (without the user having to upgrade) and it works on a number of devices. In fact, as more devices support HTML5 they will “just work” with this new interface.

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2 Responses to “Offline Mobile Access in Heap CRM”

  1. Carl Says:

    In the following post "Offline Mobile Access in Heap CRM" you can edit and check off events on the iPhone. Can I do the same with ToDo's (i.e. Tasks)

  2. Ben Says:

    Todos in Heap are just events without a time, so yes. Please review the three steps videos here:

    It covers many of these core concepts in Heap.

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