MailChimp Integration in Heap CRM

For those of you who use MailChimp you can now integrate incoming information into Heap CRM using WebHooks. To get your URL, go to your help tab and select integration:

Heap Help Page

For the particular list you want to integrate select "Settings:"

Select Settings

Then select "WebHooks:"

Click on WebHooks

Paste your URL from Heap into this spot:

Configure WebHooks

Now when someone signs up for this list that doesn't exist in Heap, they will be added. If they update their profile your entry in Heap will be updated (and they will be added to categories based on interest groups they select in MailChimp). If they unsubscribe they will be removed from categories based on their interest groups.

15 Responses to “MailChimp Integration in Heap CRM”

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  2. Kevin Says:

    Perfect. However is it possible to integrate heap with other email marketing systems? I and many of my friends use

  3. Ben Says:

    Kevin -

    Campaign Monitor doesn't support web hooks. Integrating using there API would be very inefficient given it isn't event driven.

    Integration with Newsberry is much more likely given they have webhooks for their other product, so I imagine it would come to Newsberry at some point.

  4. Ernest Says:

    I have setup the webhook in mailchimp however when someone signs up on my website I see the contact info in mailchimp but not in heap. Can someone offer some thoughts on trouble shooting this?

  5. Ben Says:

    Hi Ernest -

    You have to copy the url from Heap's help section exactly, otherwise it won't show up in Heap. Also, the web hook in Mail Chimp is setup on a list by list basis.

  6. Ernest Says:

    It works.....Thanks Ben!

  7. Pranav Says:

    How do you pass other information beyond first name/last name/email? E.g., if the custom sign up list has a field for phone number.

  8. Ben Says:

    Hi Pranav -

    Using MailChimps "Tags" for each field, you need to name the field to match Heap's fields. So if you want data to land in the Phone field, tag it "PHONE" in MailChimp.

  9. Pranav Says:

    Ok, thanks Ben

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  12. Mariusz Says:

    Too bad you can't pass info on whether or not an email campaign was opened by the contact.

  13. Ben Says:


    Being the WebHook supports custom values, if that is something MailChimp knows there is no reason you couldn't.

  14. Sky Says:

    To be able to pass the information on whether or not an email campaign was open by the contact, would that require additional development work using the two APIs (HEAP & MailChimp)?

    Also, would it be possible for the e-mail automation to automatically create & schedule a campaign in MailChimp, so you have access to those e-mail statistics and can leverage MailChimp's powerful e-mail campaign and templates?


  15. Ben Says:

    MailChimp doesn't have a "opened by recipient " event, so they would need to add that for Heap to receive it.

    Adding a hook into MailChimp's API, sounds like a perfect opportunity to use HeapCL or the JSAPI. I don't think it makes a lot of sense for the main product however. (MC is used by a low percentage of users, and hooking a main feature to that doesn't make a lot of sense)

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