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Offline Mobile Access in Torch Project Management

Monday, July 27th, 2009

I'm ecstatic to announce a major new feature for Torch Project Management: Offline Mobile Access. You can view messages, comments, uncompleted events, time entries on your active projects regardless if you have an Internet connection. You can also add content (messages, events, time entries), check-off events and change the pin condition on messages while offline.

But what is perhaps more exciting is how this is accomplished. Inspired by the great work done by the Gmail team and the support for HTML5 and Gears on the iPhone 3.0 and Android platforms, this mobile interface behaves like a hybrid of a web app and a native app. Like a native app it's crazy fast and operates offline because the software and data is located on your device. However, like a web app it can be updated on a regular basis (without the user having to upgrade) and it works on a number of devices. In fact, as more devices support HTML5 they will "just work" with this new interface.

More >

Universal JSON and POST WebHook in Torch Project Management

Monday, July 20th, 2009

In addition to supporting Beanstalk, GitHub and Assembla, Torch Project Management supports a standard JSON payload posted to the WebHooks URL (it should be placed in the POST variable “json” with a "title" and "body" variable) or sending directly to the POST variables "title" and "body".

Just like our custom integrated applications you can:

  • Categorize the message
    • Add [category:Name of Category] to the body
  • Complete event/task entries
    • Add [complete:Name of Event/Task] to the body
  • Add Time entries
    • Add [time:Note about Time:1.5] to the body where 1.5 is the number of hours

Universal JSON WebHook in Heap CRM

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

In addition to supporting Shopify and MailChimp, Heap CRM supports a standard JSON payload posted to the WebHooks URL (it should be placed in the POST variable "json"). An example payload might looks something like this:

"name":"John Doe - ACME",
"address":"123 Main St.",
"city":"Any Town",
"categories":["Category One","Category Two"]

Heap is smart enough to just add new people and ignore duplicates.

Advanced E-Mail Commands within E-Mail Templates in Heap CRM

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Advanced e-mail commands allow you to provide further actions to Heap CRM when forwarding/ccing e-mail to Heap. However, you can now use those same commands from e-mail messages sent from within Heap (e.g. timed e-mails, mass e-mail, e-mail templates).

This brings up a few use cases. Let's say you are developing an e-mail template for use in your organization and you want the person to always follow-up via phone one week later. You could do something like this:

E-Mail Template

You could use this technique to:

  • Create calendar events to indicate when you send mass e-mails
  • Setup success conditioned follow-up events
  • Pre-define categories in templates
  • Probably more that I'm not thinking of...

Heap CRM integrates with Shopify

Monday, July 13th, 2009

You can now automatically include contact information collected via Shopify in Heap CRM. To setup, get your URL web hooks URL from the help page under integration. Then in Shopify under "Preferences" select "Email & Notifications":

Shopify Interface

Whenever you receive an order, Heap will use the e-mail to determine if the person is already in Heap. If so, it will create a new customer underneath the existing person. If the person does not exist it will be created:

Created Customer

If you create a category named "Accepts Marketing" any customer who selects that box during the checkout process will be placed in that category. Additional categories can be specified as a variable.

Small Enhancements to Torch Project Management

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Project Search:

When you are searching within Torch you can now search for projects. You can search for either part of a project name or part of a category name. This is really handy if you have a large number of projects:

Project Search

Add External User from Bid and Invoice Page:

You can now add a new external user directly from the bid or invoice page. When selecting who you wish to e-mail with a comment there is a new item titled "-- New User --".

Comment Box

You are then presented with a window to enter the users name then e-mail:

Add User

Receive Payments for your Invoices through PayPal in Torch Project Management

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

You can now receive payments for your invoices in Torch through PayPal. Under the settings tab enter your PayPal e-mail and select your currency:

PayPal Settings

When your customer looks at their invoice they have the option to pay their balance through PayPal:


Once a payment is received is shows up as part of the invoice:

Edit Invoice

Note for those using custom CSS:

The PayPal is customizable just like any other part of the invoice (the div name is "paypal").

GitHub Integration with Torch Project Management (for Developers)

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Using GitHub’s Post-Receive URLs, Torch can now receive push information.

What You Can Do:

The commit messages are posted to the appropriate project. You can also checkoff tasks/events (more than one if you wish) as well as categorize the message. If the project is for a client, you can also include time entries. Here is an example of a commit message:

Message Generated by GitHub

Setting Up the Integration:

First get the integration URL; this is under the “Integration” sub section of the “Help” tab:

Help Page

NOTE: Part of the URL is blocked out because it contains the project token, however, you must copy the entire URL.

This URL is unique for each project you decide to integrate, so make sure you are on the right project before you copy the URL.

In GitHub, select the appropriate repository then select the “Edit” button. Select the “Service Hooks" sub section then “Post-Receive URLs":

Setup in GitHub

Improved Beanstalk Integration in Torch Project Management

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

In May we released integration with Beanstalk. This allows users of both Torch and Beanstalk to create time entries, check-off events/tasks and categorize the message without leaving the subversion commit process. Now, thanks to the folks at Beanstalk, we've enhanced this feature to allow direct access to changed files. Here is a sample message created through a Beanstalk commit:

Revision Change in Torch

If you click on "View" button next to a particular file it will take you directly to that file in Beanstalk:

View in Beanstalk

How to setup Beanstalk integration >

MailChimp Integration in Heap CRM

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

For those of you who use MailChimp you can now integrate incoming information into Heap CRM using WebHooks. To get your URL, go to your help tab and select integration:

Heap Help Page

For the particular list you want to integrate select "Settings:"

Select Settings

Then select "WebHooks:"

Click on WebHooks

Paste your URL from Heap into this spot:

Configure WebHooks

Now when someone signs up for this list that doesn't exist in Heap, they will be added. If they update their profile your entry in Heap will be updated (and they will be added to categories based on interest groups they select in MailChimp). If they unsubscribe they will be removed from categories based on their interest groups.