Difference between the Partners Program and Affiliates Program?

After my post a couple of days ago, I've been inundated with questions that suggest there is some confusion about the difference between the partner program and the affiliates program. This post is intended to clarify.

What is the affiliates program:

This program allows you promote Heap CRM and Torch Project Management on your website, in person or really anywhere you can send a link. If the person signs up for a paying account, you get credit which can be used to pay your monthly bill.

Who can participate:

Anyone who is a hosted customer. You can find your links under the "Settings" tab under the "Affiliates" sub section.

Do I need to sign-up:

No. By just using the links provided you will get credit.

What is the partners program:

Heap CRM and Torch Project Management are also sold as pre-packaged products that can be installed on the customer's server. Partners are a group of IT professionals that can help businesses select the right hardware and provide hardware/software support (backup services/upgrades/etc).

Who can participate:

IT professionals who have experience with MySQL and Apache.

Do I need to sign-up:

Yes. Partners are in a formalized agreement where WBP SYSTEMS.

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