Using the New Merge to Google Docs Feature

With the addition of the new merge to Google Docs capability in Heap CRM, I thought it would be good to cover both the creation of a template and a typical use.

Ok, so the obvious use of this feature it to create a whole bunch of letters or something all at once. The less obvious use is to create templates for common correspondence. For instance, here is my standard letter to new partners:


So, on a lead page, I'm going to select export to Google Docs:


I'm going to select the template and give it a name:


And then merge the document:


Now, once I click on the link, this is my final result:


5 Responses to “Using the New Merge to Google Docs Feature”

  1. WBP SYSTEMS / Weblog » Blog Archive » Event Template Variables and Additional Visualization Values Says:

    [...] can now use the same variables you use with e-mail templates and Google Docs within event [...]

  2. Renaud Says:

    Why some of the users don't have the "Export do Google Docs" Option?

  3. Ben Says:

    Hi Renaud -

    Just like when someone hasn't entered their SMTP settings into their user account they can't send e-mail; if they haven't setup their connection to Google Docs, they can't perform an export. There is a KB here:

  4. Will Says:

    I have used the merge feature to Google docs many times and it works well. Today I tried to merge to a Google spreadsheet and it would not show in the list. Please tell me how to correct this.

  5. Ben Says:


    The mail merge feature only works on documents. I'd like to expand it to other document types, but that requires some work on google's end.