Mail Merge with Heap CRM – Now to Google Docs

Using exactly the same variables as those available to the e-mail templates, you can now do a mail merge against any Google Document in Heap CRM. So, when it comes time to create 300 letters it now isn't any more difficult than 300 e-mails. Let's walk through it.

Add some variables to an existing letter in Google Docs:


Now let's select it with Heap:


And that's it:


3 Responses to “Mail Merge with Heap CRM – Now to Google Docs”

  1. Eric Mac Says:

    For the second step - Now select it from Heap. Under what heap tab or function does one find this input window?

  2. Ben Says:

    Once you have a connection to Google Docs (which you can establish under the messages tab -- this is separate from the connection to Google Contacts), there will be an item that says Export to Google Docs under the People, Person, and Prospects pages. As with the other exports, you export what you are looking at.

  3. WBP SYSTEMS / Weblog » Blog Archive » Using the New Merge to Google Docs Feature Says:

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