Export and Import with Google Contacts

You can export directly to a group in Google contacts from Heap CRM:

And now you can import from Google contacts into Heap:

Same rules apply as with anything else: You always export/import what you are looking at. So select the category and/or user you want to export before activating the export feature.

9 Responses to “Export and Import with Google Contacts”

  1. Scott Says:

    Is there a way to automatically sync contacts between Heap and Google Apps Contacts? Maybe a setting for every 15 minutes / hour / day, etc.

  2. Ben Says:

    No, because the importer / exporter allows you to select specific groups. Heap is typically an area where many people in a company keep company contacts and gmail keeps not only work contacts but also personal and suggested contacts.

  3. shums Says:

    why isn't it possible to set it up so that only a particular contact group in gmail automatically syncs with heap contacts. This would really be fantastic and easy to implement? This would be a factor for our company to switch to Heap from Highrise..

  4. Ben Says:

    Shums -

    It would be easy to implement in a bad way, but impossible to implement in a good way. And I would rather keep something manual compared to having it terrible.

    As I said in my comment above, most Heap accounts are used by many people within the same company. As an user you would not want the sometimes tens of thousands of Heap contacts inside your gmail account when only some of them apply to you.

  5. Jeff Says:

    I think what Scott and Shums might be hoping for is this scenario.

    Say you have a group in Heap called "prospects" or some other group for company wide access, and you want all your employees to have these names in their Google contact list under a group called "prospects". It would be helpful if this would automatically sync to all employee contact lists when a new prospect was added or if a prospect was removed or if that prospect was moved out of the prospect group into another group.

  6. Jris Says:

    so, Ben, what do you say about Jeff's comment?

  7. Ben Says:

    As I said, I'd rather not implement something in a bad way to just have a feature. In Jeff's scenario presumably you want the person to be removed from Google Contacts when they are removed from a category in Heap. You can mark something for deletion in Google Contacts but you can't actually delete it.

    Second, such an operation would be extremely heavy given that you can combine multiple contact operations into a single feed to Google as long as it is to a single account. So to do what was talked about would require sending a separate request for each of the users on the account every-time categories changed. Obviously that's not going to work.

  8. Cuneyt Says:

    Ben, agree that the feature needs to be well thought out. However, there's an undeniable market need for liberal contact sharing amongst individuals in a small Google Apps domain. Does the relatively new Shared Contacts API not address some of these issues? If the contacts are managed as Shared Contacts, then you would not need to send multiple update requests across all the user accounts?

    You're the expert here, I'm just asking for my own knowledge. I have several organisations I support and they are all yearning for the mystical CRM to GMail / iPhone address book sync. Thanks in advance.

  9. Ben Says:

    Cuneyt -

    Yes, the shared contacts API would behave correct in this scenario. However, the shared contacts API is only available to Google Apps customers (premier only I think). So all the users in the account would have to be in the same domain, etc. That might be something to look at but that would a be a much smaller sub set of the users who use Gmail and Heap. And I don't really like the idea of starting to require Apps (especially the paying version only) for a lot of the features.

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