“My” Variables for E-Mail Templates, E-Mail Template List Mode and More

We've made some important updates to Heap CRM:

1) My Variables:

This allows users (within the same company) to reuse each others e-mail templates while still keeping their data at the bottom of the automated e-mails.

2) E-Mail Template List Mode:

3) Expansion of the Person Duplicate Function:

This allows you to duplicate and associate as a related person to prospect in one click. You'll find it on the prospect details page.

4) You can now use the followup event format when creating a lead, opportunity, customer or archive by e-mail.

3 Responses to ““My” Variables for E-Mail Templates, E-Mail Template List Mode and More”

  1. Dan Brendstrup Says:

    Awesome work on the "My Variables" feature! This was one of our feature requests on the latest survey, and it is very useful since we share a lot of email templates. Thanks for implementing it.

  2. Matt Says:

    Hello - I'm new to HEAP but I already can appreciate the "my' variable. Thanks.

    Is there a possibility of having user defined variables based on Custom Values. For example, I have created a Lead with a custom value "xyz". I would like to create an email template that includes a variable for that Custom Value "xyz".


  3. Ben Says:

    At this point Matt, custom variables aren't searched for custom values. If they ever are they will be listed in the variable drop down.

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