Early Changes to Torch as a Consequence of Survey Results

We heard you loud and clear! Torch Project Management users want better integration with accounting tools. We've just released a group of features to help remedy this:

  • Better Time Exporting
  • Unbilled Time Total
  • Invoice Data Exporting

Time, Better

Ok, there is now an indicator on the bottom of every time page showing the amount of unbilled time in that view (whether you're viewing a category or all time across the project):

You can also now export unbilled time separately from billed time. And if you need all the time across all active projects (projects that aren't archived), that's available as well:

Export Invoice Data

You can now export your invoice transactions in a number of ways:

Some of these are for the accounting types. Some are for everyone. Let us know what you think.

Please note, an invoice is not considered a transaction until it is sent to the customer. So invoices that haven't been sent yet will not show up in these exports.

We've looked at a lot of accounting software over the last week and we still haven't found that perfect app to integrate with. If you have any recommendations, please let us know.

One Response to “Early Changes to Torch as a Consequence of Survey Results”

  1. Chris Johnson Says:

    I would say the stape would be some integration with quickbooks but if you can get it to work with apps like freshbooks, xero, or saasu you have covered them all.

    In my opinion the two most promising as far as accounting web solutions go are xero and saasu.

    The suite spot if you like me struggle to find one that is just right is that outside of xero none allow you to take payments directly via web etc.

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