Smart Text in Heap CRM and Torch Project Management

Text fields in Heap and Torch just got a bit smarter. But I thought it might be time to summarize everything you already can do with text.

First, of course Heap and Torch detects e-mail addresses, web addresses, phone numbers and have some formating. But lots of products do that, this post is about what's weird.

The data detector finds different ways to IM people. See in this image it has detected, AIM, Skype and Yahoo (and a UPS number):

But you also can use it for lists (in addition to the to-dos on messages):

It also detects US addresses (and provides a link to Google Maps):

And now it also detects European addresses:

3 Responses to “Smart Text in Heap CRM and Torch Project Management”

  1. Smart Text in Heap CRM and Torch Project Management Says:

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  2. sean lu Says:

    HI, I have a question, the Yahoo IM worked fine when I use the Yahoo messenger, but now I want to use a software called 'trillian' to combine all my IMs , yahoo, msn, icq, etc together in one program, but can I change the configure in "HEAP" to open 'trillian' instead of open 'yahoo messenger' when I click the yahoo IM id ?


  3. Ben Says:

    Sean -

    So, heap just uses the standard protocol for yahoo IM. You can think of this in the same way that a website can invoke the mail client by using mailto: . Which means that if trillian is the "default" yahoo messenger client, it should work. You would need to check with them to see if they make themselves the default client.

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