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Early Changes to Torch as a Consequence of Survey Results

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

We heard you loud and clear! Torch Project Management users want better integration with accounting tools. We've just released a group of features to help remedy this:

  • Better Time Exporting
  • Unbilled Time Total
  • Invoice Data Exporting

Time, Better

Ok, there is now an indicator on the bottom of every time page showing the amount of unbilled time in that view (whether you're viewing a category or all time across the project):

You can also now export unbilled time separately from billed time. And if you need all the time across all active projects (projects that aren't archived), that's available as well:

Export Invoice Data

You can now export your invoice transactions in a number of ways:

Some of these are for the accounting types. Some are for everyone. Let us know what you think.

Please note, an invoice is not considered a transaction until it is sent to the customer. So invoices that haven't been sent yet will not show up in these exports.

We've looked at a lot of accounting software over the last week and we still haven't found that perfect app to integrate with. If you have any recommendations, please let us know.

Early Changes as a Result of Customer Feedback

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

We'll continue to run the current survey until Monday. However, we've already made four feature changes to Heap CRM based on early results and the forums (currently in beta).

1) The "person notes" are now a collapsable section on the Lead, Opportunity, Customer and Archive details page:

2) You can now duplicate people. This option is available on the Person page:

3) You can see if an event is setup to send an e-mail template without expanding it (you can see which template it is sending by hovering your mouse over the "@"):

4) The calendar you were last on is retained on the Lead, Opportunity, Customer and Archive details instead of defaulting to "all"

Smart Text in Heap CRM and Torch Project Management

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Text fields in Heap and Torch just got a bit smarter. But I thought it might be time to summarize everything you already can do with text.

First, of course Heap and Torch detects e-mail addresses, web addresses, phone numbers and have some formating. But lots of products do that, this post is about what's weird.

The data detector finds different ways to IM people. See in this image it has detected, AIM, Skype and Yahoo (and a UPS number):

But you also can use it for lists (in addition to the to-dos on messages):

It also detects US addresses (and provides a link to Google Maps):

And now it also detects European addresses:

Collapsable Prospect Details Page

Monday, October 13th, 2008

You can now collapse the main sections of the details page for leads, opportunity, customers and archives in Heap CRM.

This should allow you to move extremely large prospects much faster.

Indicator Flags in Heap CRM

Friday, October 10th, 2008

We have three new indicator flags in Heap CRM.

This flag appears on leads, opportunities, customers and archives on the list page, search and the dashboard. It shows the next uncompleted event (it ignores uncompleted events in the past).

This flag shows up on the people page and the search results. It shows the number of active prospects (leads, opportunities and customers) connected to this person.

This flag also shows up on the people page and search results. It shows the number of related active prospects (leads, opportunities and customers where the person is a related person).