The View from Many Dashboards

Torch Project Management has been enhanced with a new dashboard system. You can now view items across all non-archived projects.

Just like the project dashboard, the most recent messages are listed (pinned messages never leave the dashboard) in reverse chronological order. Uncompleted events without a due date are listed first, followed by uncompleted events in chronological order.

Use the toggle in the corner to switch to viewing only those items that are pinned.

You can also subscribe to pinned messages and events with the "Complete Pinned Messages RSS" and "Complete Pinned Events iCal."

One Response to “The View from Many Dashboards”

  1. Tony Silveira Says:

    Great new feature, specially the new dashboard with dates on new comments. I love it!
    I also like to use Torch as an application with FLUID This way I get my Torch icon right on my dock :-)

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