Heap CRM Dashboard – iPhone Native App

We were going to wait until this was available in the iTunes App Store, but we've gotten so many questions about it, that I thought it was time to share.

This is Heap Dashboard, our first (but not last) iPhone native app that connects to Heap CRM:

The goal of this app is not to replace the iPhone optimized version (in fact it links to it), but to provide mobile users of Heap quick (and offline) access to their most relevant data. The screenshot you see here is a shot of the prospect (leads, opportunities and customers) details page. A level up (in the navigation) is the list of prospects (where you are one of the managing users) and levels down include the message details page and the add message page.

Unfortunately, I don't know how long it will be until this is available. The app has been done for some time so it is completely in Apple's court.

Our general policy with "alternative interfaces" for our web apps is to give them away; and that's probably what will happen this time. But I'm not exactly clear on how Apple's business model works when the app connects to a pay-for web service.

So, if they request a portion of the monthly revenue from Heap CRM, we will instead charge some very minimal amount for the app in the store. We will give you a 70% credit (that's our cut) of the price to any user who requests it. It's not our goal to make money on the app itself.

Heap Dashboard is now available in the iTunes App Store here:

8 Responses to “Heap CRM Dashboard – iPhone Native App”

  1. Renaud Adorno Says:

    Can you please inform us as soon as this app is available on app store?

    Thank you very much!

  2. Ben Says:

    Hi Renaud -

    They've now approved the app (ironically I now have an update with some speed improvements). But now the status has changed to "pending contract", which means they haven't setup the contract for WBP SYSTEMS yet.

    The good news is that it doesn't seem to bother them that the app is free. So we should be good to go there.

  3. Dragos Says:

    What date ?

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Ben Says:

    Dragos -

    I don't have any more info; Apple doesn't provide any timelines on when they will set things up.

  5. Dragos Says:

    Are we going to be able to use this without being connected to the web.

  6. Ben Says:

    Dragos -

    Yes, read the third paragraph of the post. Also look at our marketing info here:


  7. Ben Says:

    Hey Folks -

    Heap Dashboard 1.0 is now available from the App Store:


    Version 1.0.1 is already waiting to be approved by Apple. If you download 1.0, you should get it automatically.

  8. Ben Says:

    The iPhone native app has been replaced with the mobile offline version for anyone using iPhone 3.0 and higher:


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