New Enhanced Search in Heap CRM

We've just added Boolean searching to Heap CRM. Now don't worry you can still do a simple search or search by sound. But now you can be even more specific with your searches (if you choose).

Let's say I want to find all messages with the word design; simple enough, just type it in.

Boolean Search 1

Alright now let's say I want to find all messages with design but not the word direction. Ok just put the - operator in front of the word.

Boolean Search 2

Ok, now what if you just want the messages with direction to be lowly ranked and but not be eliminated entirely. Just use the ~ operator.

Boolean Search 3

Other operators include (operators are placed in front of words):

  • + Indicates that the word must be present
  • - Indicates the word can not be present
  • ~ Indicates the word should decrease the rank of the result
  • < Indicates the word is important, but not as important as other words
  • > Indicates the word is more important than other words

You can also search using a wild-card. So if you want to find all variations of apple you could search for apple* and you would find apple, apples, applesauce, etc.

If you want to search for a specific phrase just put it in double quotes (e.g. "search phrase").

18 Responses to “New Enhanced Search in Heap CRM”

  1. Jonathan Heuer Says:

    How about searches of the phone or zip code fields? I'd like to be able to categorize my leads by geography, is there a good way to search for all leads that are in a certain area code, or zip code range?

  2. Ben Says:

    You can search for zip codes just by typing them in. If you want to create a group of zip codes, you might want to take a look at:

  3. Matthew Says:

    If I want to find people who are say clients or associates I can enter into the search box:


    But what if my categories aren't mutually exclusive and I for example want to find only for people who are clients AND associates? What is the syntax?

  4. Ben Says:

    Hi Matthew,

    At this time you can combine the different operators, but you can't use the same operator twice.

  5. Jonathan Heuer Says:

    What about using a NOT operator associated with a class, for example this search:

    design user:Jonathan -user: Noel

    That doesn't seem to work, but would be useful.

  6. Ben Says:

    Hi Jonathan -

    No that doesn't work. However, by being created by "Jonathan", that item is not going to be created by "Noel". So typing:

    design user:Jonathan

    Will give you all messages created by Jonathan that contain the word "design".

  7. Ben Says:

    Matthew -

    You can now combine multiple searches of the same operator. So the syntax for your example would be:

    category:clients category:associates

  8. WBP SYSTEMS / Weblog » Blog Archive » Best Practices: Find, Categorize and Report Says:

    [...] of Heap’s powerhouse features is search. With a few keywords, boolean operators and bucket selectors and you can get any search results you could possibly [...]

  9. Dan Brendstrup Says:


    Is it not possible to use the "-" to exclude a category?

    I'd really like to be able to search for i.e. "category:presidents -category:oldwhiteguys", but that doesn't seem to work?

  10. Ben Says:

    No. Sorry, you can't do a negative bucket selector.

  11. Matthew Says:

    I am now trying to send newsletters and need a search of the form "category:blah_blah -category:newsletter_opt_out". You say you can’t do a "negative bucket selector", so what is the workaround for a case like this?

  12. Ben Says:

    Matthew -

    If you are using a category to create a list for a newsletter, you could just remove the person from that category instead of creating a separate category for everyone that has opt-out.

  13. Matthew Says:

    Ok, though how do I add everyone else to the 'newsletter_subscriber' category? (and don't say manually - I have 1000s of contacts, spread across many categories...)

  14. Ben Says:

    You can do a search like:

    category: name of category one | name of category two | etc.

    Then click the save to category button on the right side

  15. gabrielle Says:

    Is it possible to look for leads having one of their fields empty? I need to separate people having no address from the ones who do in order to have proper campaign. The fields usefull would be address, phone, email, and fax.
    thanks a lot

  16. Ben Says:


    That's not possible yet, we do discuss it on the forums:

  17. Kevin McQueen Says:

    How do I search custom fields for "greater-than" or "less-than" boolean type values? I'm actually looking for the syntax for all of the options to search PEOPLE in my database. For example, find all of the PEOPLE where # Members:value-greater-than 10000

    Please advise

  18. Ben Says:

    Kevin -

    All the options are listed here:

    However, as custom values are text fields there isn't a greater than or less than type search for them.

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