E-Mail and Event Templates, Together at Last!

E-Mail templates allow you to send E-Mail messages on a schedule and event templates allow you to schedule a large number of events all at once. But until today, they couldn't work together in Heap CRM; now they can.

Let's say I want to setup an event template that I use every time I get a new lead. Ok, nothing here has changed I'm just going to add an event in 7 days to call the lead.

Call the Lead

Ok, now I want to setup an event to E-Mail them in 14 days. Again, just enter the 14 and the title of the event, but this time I'm going to select an E-Mail template to send.

E-Mail Them

Finally, let's setup a final E-Mail for 90 days from today.

Final E-Mail

2 Responses to “E-Mail and Event Templates, Together at Last!”

  1. Steve Shepherd Says:

    Could you add a field in here called:

    Alternate Email:

    As I posted before you could then use MERGE fields in the Alternate Email field.

    ie [My Mobile]@email2txt.com

    or steve@mydomain.com

    PLEASE PLEASE can you add this.

    I have searched high and low for this feature.

    PS. This does not seem to be working in my account at the moment at amundson.crmondemand.com

  2. Ben Says:

    Hi Steve -

    If you can't add e-mail templates to event templates this probably means that you haven't setup your SMTP settings under your user account yet. Just go to Users->Your Name->Edit. Then enter your SMTP server info and save it.

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