Follow-up Events in Heap CRM

One of the great advantages to Heap CRM is its simplicity, there are only two types of information: Messages and Events. Have an e-mail, well that's a message. Have a task, well that's just an event without a time. It doesn't matter whether it was a phone message, file, appointment or really anything else, it would always fit into these categories. But there really wasn't any connection between messages and events. Now there is.

Let's say I need to take some notes about a meeting I had with a client. Simple enough, take them down and associate the message.

Follow-Up Event Message

But really there are three things that I need to do relating to this message. One is an appointment, two are tasks and they are on a different calendar. No problem. Just click on the "Add a Follow-up Event." As you can see you can have as many events as you want, you just use the "Add Another Event" button to add another event to the message.

Follow-Up Event - Multiple Events

Great, I'm ready to post.

Follow-Up Event Message Post

Ok, so I can see the events here, and I can check them off here as well, but how do they look on the calendar?

Follow-up Event Calendar

You'll notice we have new icon on this event. Just like the tiny person icon gave you way to see associations, the tiny message icon let's you see associations to messages. As you would expect, if you click on the message icon it will take you to the message.

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