Timed E-Mails in Heap CRM

Let's say you want to follow up with a prospect in a few weeks. Send them a nice customized E-Mail. Now you could put a note on the calendar, and make sure it's something you do when the time comes. Or you could have Heap CRM do it for you.

Start by just creating an event exactly as you would normally. But now, there is an option that says "Send an E-Mail Template." Go ahead and click on that.

Calendar - Send Out E-Mail with a Timer

Select the E-Mail template; and that's it, when the day you put the event on arrives the E-Mail will be sent automatically, the event will be checked off, and message will be placed in your account and associated to the prospect. You can have as many of these events as you want with as many templates as you want, which means you can now do "drip E-Mail" marketing directly from Heap.

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  1. Ben the cs reapz Says:

    Tried it with no success. you might wanna split the code in two, the injector isnt working.

  2. Ben Says:

    Hi Ben, I'm a little confused, what isn't working? If you can't get a timed e-mail to send out it is either because you didn't select an associated prospect or because the SMTP settings under user aren't setup. If you have any more trouble, please e-mail support or stop by the forums.

  3. Irvin Mcgee Says:

    I hope this isn't a bad question here but who did your blog theme? Looks good.

  4. Ben Says:

    Our theme is a match to the rest of our website, so we did it.

  5. Steve Shepherd Says:


    What would be VERY cool is if when you setup an EVENT TEMPLATE you could pick an EMAIL template to create on the event or select a MERGE document that would be created.

    Then if you could specify where the even delivered to you could do the following:

    Destination: [email]

    By using merge fields in the destination you could do some of the following scenarios.

    1. Send an email to the person or lead (ie [Email]
    2. Send an email to the manager of the lead. (ie john@crmondemand.biz)
    3. Send an email via a email to txt msg service. (ie [My Mobile]@teleflip.com)
    4. Send an email to a printer on your network that printed out all your merged letters using a tool like Auto Print Email from Namtuk (ie printqueue@crmondemand.biz)

    This way you would have a completely automated marketing system that emailed prospects, reminded sales staff, txted prospects and automatically printed merged letters for stuffing in envelopes and posting....

    I think you are SOOOOO close....

  6. Ben Says:

    Steve -

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    We'll have to see if there is more demand for a printing service. The other suggestions seem a bit problematic. Item one is effectively what it does currently. Item three won't work: Teleflip has been out of business for some time.

    As for item two, I guess I'm not understanding the purpose. There is a feature called e-mail alerts that sends out a daily e-mail with a list of overdue/current events on a calendar by calendar basis. Also, on the dashboard, you can select "Associated to My Prospects" and see upcoming or overdue events that are associated to one of your prospects. If you don't like using the dashboard you can also get an iCalendar feed of that data.

    As for the printing, I think the idea is interesting, but I would not be inclined to use a proprietary service. I would be more interested in a way to trigger Google Docs itself to direct its printer output to a particular printer. This is something that may be possible when Google Apps Scripts moves from strictly spreadsheets to docs as well. But if it is really important to you I would suggest that you request the feature through Google:


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