New Heap Features: Overdue Events, Exporting Search Results, Complete RSS / iCal

We've added a bunch of stuff to Heap recently. Let's dive in:

Overdue Events
Dashboard Overdue Events
This is a new option on the dashboard. From here you can see events and tasks you haven't completed. You can complete the event, go the lead, opportunity, customer or archive it's associated to or go to the calendar and month it's on.

Export Search Results
Export Search Results
You can now export search results. When you are exporting leads, opportunities, customers, archives and people you can export CSVs or vCards. But where it gets really cool is when you export messages or calendar events. When you export messages, you are actually subscribing to a special RSS feed. Which means that it is effectively a live export. As the search results change (from people adding/editing messages) the RSS feed changes with it. Same deal with the iCalendar export (for events).

Complete RSS / iCal
We have lots of RSS feeds and iCalendar subscriptions available in Heap. Sometimes, you want something really fine tuned, sometimes not so much. Complete RSS allows you to subscribe to every message associated to a lead, opportunity, customer, or archive where you are one of the managing users. Effectively it allows you to subscribe to all messages that have anything to do with one of the prospects that your involved with. Complete iCal allows you subscribe to every event that is associated to a lead, opportunity, customer, or archive that you are one of the managing users. Compete RSS and iCal can be found on the bottom of your dashboard.

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